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Integrative Approach

My approach is Person Centered / Humanistic and my extensive training in Integrative Counselling enables me to offer other models including CBT, Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Existential, Creative therapies wherever necessary during the sessions.

Approach: Services

My humanistic philosophical approach is a client – led approach and the skills to enhance your understanding of self, your feelings and to explore personal choices which encourages self-awareness and self-realisation.  The counselling sessions will be an opportunity to work with your difficulties and then guiding you how to express, hold and manage those difficulties. Usually, my first session involves meeting with the client for an assessment session which gives me a background about the client and the problems they are dealing with. Once we mutually agree to start the counselling sessions, we will then be contracted for minimum of six sessions and the sixth session will also be a review session. If required, we would mutually agree to carry on for furthermore sessions till the client feels comfortable for an ending.

I have always adhered to the BACP Ethical Framework and believed in working within the professional boundaries in my practise. These values help the client and me to form a therapeutic alliance that results in safety, mutual trust and being comfortable to share what they want to without being judged. 

I am morally committed which plays a vital role as it helps to work ethically, being non-judgemental, being empathetic without losing professional boundaries, being trustworthy, reliable and congruent. This includes having enough self-knowledge, self-discipline and commitment to keep abreast with knowledge and information via continued professional development of self and knowledge. This also ventures in appreciating diversity in various human experiences and culture.

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